How to Create Email Accounts on Your cPanel

You just bought your web hosting package and have your own domain name. Always create your domain email address as your initial step. The use of a domain email address contributes to the promotion of a professional and credible image, telling people that you treat your business seriously.

It helps in creating and maintaining your company's brand and sets you apart from competitors. As with other free email account providers like Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, you can now establish email accounts with your domain name. You don’t need to use your or anymore, you can have your own.

You receive a maximum number of email accounts you can have or, in certain situations, an unlimited number of email accounts depending on your web hosting package. You can simply make them on your own and put them on your device, but the question is how to set them up.

First of all, you need your cPanel log in information, once you have them, log into your account, usually first or second section is all about emails.

Click on "Email Accounts"

email accounts

Here you can see how many available email accounts you have.

To create a new account, click on blue button "Create"

Choose your username and password and Create

To connect your email address to your device, click on "Connect Devices"

Then you will be able to see username, password and incoming server and outgoing server

This is how you can connect your email address to your ios device. In "Settings > Mail > Other"

In last step, you can use the information you obtained from cPanel such as "Incoming and Outgoing server"

Your company might have a lot of email addresses, so it will be difficult to connect all of them to your device to check emails. There is another way to check individual email accounts on cPanel.

Navigate to Email Accounts page on cPanel and click on "Check Email"

In this page "Webmail", click on blue button "Open" to open inbox of that specific email account.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding creating email accounts or connecting them to your device, contact us

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